Invitation til International konference

The Danish association ’Rebellion’ invites you to participate in and contribute to:

Copenhagen International Conference
Anti-terrorism legislation, political rights and international solidarity

Saturday 18 November 2006
10.00 – 17.00
Venue: Peter Ipsens Allé 27, 2400 Copenhagen NV.


9.30-10.00: Registration

10.00-13.00: European Union – paths to the police state.
Legal, political and social aspects of the ‘war on terror’.
Panel: MEP Ole Krarup, GUE/NGL, Jan Fermon, Progress Lawyers Network (Belgium), Desmond Fernandes, Campaign against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC/UK).


14.00 Witnesses: Colombia, Palestine. Resistance, ‘terrorist lists’ and the ‘global war on terror’.


1. Middle Eastern experiences and the ‘war on terror’ with among others Salah Salah, Palestinian National Council / The Palestinian Refugee Committee, Sandra Bakutz, International Platform against Isolation (IPAI, Turkey).

2. Latin American experiences and the ‘war on terror’ with among others Cesar Jérez, Associación Campesina del Valle de Rio Cimitarra (ACVC, Colombia).

3. Political movements, civil rights initiatives, communities and political rights in the European Union with among others Benny Christensen, (Demokratiuppropet, Sweden).

17.00-18.00: Plenum with reports from workshops.

19.00-22.00: Social event.

This programme is open to the press. The following day, 19 November 2006, a closed seminar will be convened in order to discuss the tasks of solidarity movements in challenging the ‘global war on terror’ and in developing effective campaign and support networks.

For further information contact:
Irene Clausen +45 26 47 65 98 / +45 33 7932 29
Jens Henneberg +45 28 76 92 23
Patrick Mac Manus +45 22 45 41 78

Documents and conference papers which you may wish to present at the conference are to be sent to: Foreningen Oprør, Kulturhus Blaagaarden, Blaagaards Plads 3,
2200 Copenhagn N or to for publication on our website at

We are unable to fund travel or other expenses but can help in arranging hotel or private accommodation for participants.